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Increase Your Car’s Value

Selling a vehicle to a private party is one of the more challenging aspects of vehicle ownership. The haggling, negotiation, customer’s vehicle condition standards all pose unique challenges and become quite the headache. We’re here to give you a massive selling advantage with our Pre-Sale Car Detailing Brisbane.

Our approach to Mobile Brisbane pre-sale car detailing is simple: we restore your vehicle to its best possible condition, allowing you to present your vehicle at its top value, thus helping you sell your vehicle for the price you want and not have to worry about succumbing to price bidding based on exterior appearance.

Regardless of the year, make, and model of your vehicle, pre-sale detailing is a great way to instil confidence of purchase in a car buyer’s decision. We recommend you reach out to us today for your next pre-sale detail job. We’ll give you the market advantage, guaranteed.

Our Brisbane Pre-Sale Detailing Services

Our pre-sale car detailing services cover the entirety of your vehicle’s cosmetic condition. With a keen focus on pristine cleaning and a drive for restoring a vehicle to a top-shape condition, we cover every aspect of pre-sale detailing you can imagine.

Exterior Pre-Sale Detail

We handle everything related to exterior detailing for your pre-sale needs. With a deep-cleaning wash topped off with a spotless polish, we’ll get those surfaces blemish-free. We also cover paint correction and a wide array of exterior car care services to help you get top-dollar for your car.

Interior Pre-Sale Detail

Your vehicle’s interior is where the potential buyer needs to truly feel comfortable. The interior of a vehicle is like a living room — customers are often heavily turned off by stains and unclean interiors. Our pre-sale detailing covers every aspect of interior car detailing you will need. We’ll vacuum the vehicle, shampoo the carpets, and unearth the original beauty of your car’s interior from beneath the surface of years of use.

The Final Touches

Since our pre-sale detailing includes everything you need to get your vehicle to a showroom-quality level of presentation, we also help with wheel cleaning and glass coatings. We take extra care to make sure your vehicle’s condition looks beyond stellar, allowing you to have the upper hand in the sale of your car.

About Us

Pre-Sale Detail Pros

With extensive experience in pre-sale auto detailing, our team are the most sought-after professionals when customers are ready to sell their car. After all, you only get one shot to have your vehicle make the right first impression — your vehicle needs to be in the best visual condition it can be in.

Our team is top-rated and is considered the best pre-sale car detailing Brisbane residents and dealers turn to when they need a spotless, top-of-the-line detailing job. We’re here to make sure you have the peace-of-mind knowing your car will have no problem passing the “eye test” upon presenting it to a potential buyer. After all, you’ve already got a lot to deal with, let us handle the hard work.

So before you crank on the hose and lather the car up with soap, give us a call. We’ll make sure your vehicle is in the best possible cosmetic shape it can be in before you decide to show it to prospective buyers.

Masters Of Auto Detailing

We all start somewhere. The only difference is our auto detailing experts didn't stop once they learned the basics. We've truly mastered the craft of car care services.

Pro Service, Personal Touch

We don't treat our customers like another dollar in the till. We're all about helping people bring their vision of their vehicle to life with personalized detailing services.

Top-Rated Car Care Pros

We believe in hard work and dedication. We're always on time and we're not happy with your vehicle's detailing job unless you are. We're people helping people.

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Why Choose Us?

So you’ve considered taking your vehicle to the wash, buying a couple of microfiber towels, and then demanding a top price for your vehicle. Why let us handle it? It’s simple: we’re the experts who understand what buyers look for when viewing a vehicle for the first time. Even simple things like little dust scratches can encourage a prospective customer to demand a lower price. We’re here to help you avoid that.

With a highly-skilled team and a masterful approach to detailing, all of our car detailing experts possess the highest standard for a vehicle’s cosmetic condition. We take the extra steps to bring your vehicle to an undeniably pristine condition. From scratch removal to paint correction, we’ve got every facet of pre-sale detailing covered for you.

Before you give the car a simple scrub and put it in the classifieds or take it to a dealer for trade-in, bring it to us. We’ll do our best to ensure the money spent on pre-sale detailing is an investment with a return.

Customer Reviews

I had my headlights restored for a very reasonable price. They came up perfect and sparkling. He really knows his product chemistry and how the car manufacturing process works. Very professional. Great manner and customer service. I’ll be going back next time.

Remy P.

What a master craftsman. I meet Simon trying to resolve a problem with a hire car having paint spilt on it. Other tried and failed. Simon’s persistence, incredible experience and also his amazing boxes of tricks got the job done. Strongly recommend his services! Brett Annerley.

Brett R.

I found Simon to be very knowledgeable about different coatings and paint conditions. I have a 2016 Lancer which is well cared for. I had Simon apply a ceramic coating and full detail. The result was amazing. Very happy.

Barry C.

Pre-Sale Car Detailing FAQ

Got Questions?

After having completed hundreds of pre-sale detailing jobs, we’ve heard just about every question and concern you can imagine. From general detailing questions to hyper-specific queries, we’ve built up enough experience in this industry to answer and address any concern you may have.

Take a look at our pre-sale detail frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to your question, just contact us and we’ll get you a direct answer in no-time. At the end of the day, we want you to bear the confidence of knowing you’ve picked the right team for the job. And we want you to be able to sell your vehicle with the reduced hassle of negotiations based on cosmetic factors.

What does pre-sale car detailing include?

Our pre-sale car detailing services cover the exterior and interior condition of your vehicle. While you can always opt for regular exterior car care or interior car detailing, our pre-sale detailing is specifically tailored to address problem areas a potential buyer may spot and be put off by. We conduct a thorough exterior detailing and interior detailing that attempts to restore the vehicle to a showroom quality condition.

Should I get my car detailed before I sell it?

Absolutely. Believe it or not, humans are visually-driven creatures. And although buyers today have more resources available to help them purchase a car, the vehicle’s exterior condition is always going to be the first thing they notice, and often one of the biggest things they use as an opportunity for negotiation. This can turn into a headache. Our pre-sale detail services exist to help you avoid issues like this. 

Can I just give my car a wash before I sell it?

Of course. You should always get your car washed before you want to sell it. However, bear in mind that buyers aren’t always looking to see how much dust a car has. They want to see if there are any scratches, any chips, any signs of repair. The exterior condition of the car can often reflect how the owner has treated the vehicle and how it’s been driven over the years. If you present a spotless vehicle to a potential buyer, they’re going to be more inclined to purchase from you because the vehicle is well taken care of cosmetically.

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Where To Find Us

If you’re looking for pre-sale car detailing services in Brisbane, you’re in luck. Our company is located in Brisbane Australia near West End State School. However, we service vehicles all over the area. If you’re looking for prestige detailing with customer service that can’t be beaten, contact us today.

We’ve got every facet of exterior detailing covered. There’s no vehicle detail situation we haven’t faced, and we’re ready and fully capable of tackling any challenge you present to us.

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When it comes to pre-sale car detailing, there can be some variables involved that change the price of your auto detailing needs. Vehicle sizes, the work needed, etc. We want to make sure you get the most accurate and competitive quote you can get. Therefore, we encourage all of our potential customers to reach out to us for a fully customised quote. Knowing the cost of your exterior detailing job is only a click away!

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